This is a Xylitol containing product for use in young children.


What is Xgel?
Xgel is a gel designed to prevent early childhood tooth decay.

What’s in Xgel?
The main ingredient is Xylitol, a nutraceutical, which prevents harmful bacterial build-up.  There are also calcium and phosphate minerals to strengthen outer tooth enamel.  Xgel has a gel base of plant origin. It is thus acceptable to vegetarian and other special diets.  It is made from sterile, purified water and therefore contains no preservatives. Care must be taken not to contaminate the nozzle when dispensing. Use within one month of opening.

What’s not in Xgel?
There is no fluoride, preservatives, detergents, abrasives, colourants, flavourants or other harmful chemicals.

How is Xgel used?
Apply 2 drops onto an Xgel sponge from birth. The gel is rubbed over the gums. This will eliminate the redness (inflammation) of ‘teething’. When the teeth erupt (from about 6 months), Xgel can be applied either on Xgel sponges, a finger brush or a baby’s toothbrush. Do not rinse off. It is safe to swallow.

When should Xgel be used?
Xgel should be used after each main feed or meal and at bedtime. Aim for 3 to 5 applications daily. When teeth erupt Xgel can be used as a substitute for toothpaste. Apply 2 drops on a dry brush. Brush after meals and at bedtime. Most benefit is received when Xgel is left on teeth overnight.

How long should Xgel be used for?
Xylitol usage, to maximize its dental benefits, is life-long. However, studies have shown that the maximum benefit occurs when it is given as new teeth erupt. This is from about 6 months to 2½ yrs. as the first teeth erupt into the mouth. The first permanent teeth erupt between 4-8 yrs., and again from 10-14 yrs.

What are the benefits of Xgel?
• It is effective in preventing tooth decay and gum disease.
• It is antifungal and therefore effective against thrush.
• It is free from preservatives and other irritants.
• Tastes great which encourages kids to brush their teeth.